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Tropico, with its headquarter in Brazil, is a lighting company, with a solid organizational structure focused on improving the quality of the segment, providing through technology and innovation, products that can bring improvements to the people’s lives, the lives of our customers and professionals of the segment.

We work in order to provide the best solutions in public lighting, decorative, specific, industrial and special projects, providing poles and luminaries all over Brazil, and countries in Africa, Latin America and Middle East.

Our strategy is to always be one step ahead, driven by a team of carefully selected employees, qualified and constantly trained to fulfill the main goal of the company: Satisfaction of our customers.

A Tropico

Our History

Tropico was founded in 1977 in São Paulo city, and in 1985 moved its facilities to the city of Indaiatuba, important industrial hub of Campinas region, looking for expansion.

In these new facilities it was possible to expand its product line and be a productive unit within the most modern concepts of production management, parts finishing, packing and shipping products.

Throughout its history, Tropico has done urbanization projects and public lighting around the country and internationally, having in its portfolio the major cities and construction companies of Brazil.

The portfolio of Tropico manufactured products included street lighting items such as light luminaries and poles for roads and public squares and urban furniture items as bus shelters and signs informative clocks (time / temperature) and revistarias that meets the various requirements of quality materials and production techniques.

Tropico is ISO 9001 certified and meets international quality standards to attend the international market.

Awads and Certifications

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