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solucaothumbAutonomous solution

Sustainable and autonomously lighting, depending only on solar energy. The pole is suitable for installation in outdoor areas (roads and public squares, sports court, farms, condominiums, parking lot, etc.). Its operation is based on charging batteries through photovoltaic panels during the day and activation of the luminary equipped with high-power LEDs overnight. The operation is entirely automatic and it can be programmed to illuminate continuously all night long or only a certain number of hours from the twilight.
Advantages of the system:

  • LED luminaire with lifetime of 50,000 hours.
  • Lower luminaire maintenance, tending to almost zero.
  • Luminaire with 20 times more efficient factor than incandescent sources and 5 times more efficient than fluorescent.
  • Reduced installation infrastructure cost.
  • No installation wires needed to connect to the powergrid = easy, fast and costless installation
  • It can be installed anywhere, all you need is the Sun!
  • Solar Photovoltaic Panel for applications up to 12 hours of uninterrupted light every night, keeping this lighting even with two days in a row of cloudy days.
  • Solar energy is free, and it is free of any charge.
  • Reduction of carbon emissions and carbon dioxide.
  • Toxic waste reduction (mercury);
  • Non-aggressive technology to the environment.


Pole – composed of column (which can be tapered, polygonal or tube-conical), box for storage of electrical batteries and accessories (which can be installed at the top or base of the spine), with articulated bracket for the installation of photovoltaic panels, allowing angulation from 0 ° to 45 °, and arm for installation of public luminaire. Fixed to the ground through the flange (with anchor bolts upon request) or by embedment. Made of structural steel, according the NBR 14744 criterious. Hot dip galvanized according to NBR 6323 standard. Designed to withstand winds up to 45m/s, according to NBR 6123 standard. Upon request, the pole can be provided with photovoltaic panels, luminary, stationary batteries, charge controller, inverter, cabling and other electrical components.
Structure/Bracket only for panels – Made of structural steel profiles, with hot dip galvanized finishing according to NBR 6323 standard. Dimensioned according to the quantity, dimensional panels and other specifications according to the project.